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Q – ID is nowadays a team of designers, modelers, engineers, painters able to guide you beyond limits as a reliable partner in all project phases, including also automotive and other industrial sectors.
We are committed to contribute and help our partners to strongly stand out in the organization of their strategic projects.

“ Our crew is spreading out that quid, that surprising quality, that identity which is giving volume to your projects. ”



Design is an art and a process: knowing its complexity, our team is made of skilled professionals for each different step.


Through the analysis of macro trends, benchmarking and market research we obtain the main guidelines that lead our customers on the most efficient approach to their projects


Our creativity is the starting point of any project evolution


From market analysis, to style sketches, from vehicle layout, to VR model, from frame development to system layout, and so on until we reach the feasibility and Class A surfaces.


Viale Antonio Gramsci 89
Forlì (FC) - Italy
p.iva 02849321209

Tel: +39-0543-25955

Email: info@q-id.it
Email: ammin@q-id.it


One of C-Creative’s first moves was the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Q-id.
Just born, C-Creative aims to acquire a highly respected customer portfolio, both directly through Q-id, and thanks to the development of new collaborations, already in the definition phase.